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Pelamin Design

Hehe..2 month before my friend ask me to design her 'pelamin' for her wedding.. she wanted garden concept 'pelamin' and the theme color is white and green..i never done any 'pelamin' design i take the challenge ;p so i create 2 design for her to choose.
Design 1

Design 2

After she choose design no. 2..i wanted to see the wedding hall. i was surprised because the wall and the floor is red color. The height between floor and top was only 2.2 - 2.4m.
Actual view at wedding hall

So i had to redesign the 'pelamin' to blend with the environment.
Final Design

My friend confirm the design and i started to do detailing and construction. Designing is easy..when it come to detailing on construction.. need many things to think just to make it reality. Below is the final result of the 'pelamin' in the real world.
Overall view

Front view

View towards bride sofa

View towards water curtain

View towards Petunia flower with stand and fern

View towards main entrance to wedding hall

View towards lighting pot at entrance

Today is her wedding. She, her husband, and her family are satisfied with the overall design and our services plus workmanship:) My friend also tell that her friend also wanted the garden style 'pelamin'..hihi..i really happy when the client is satisfied with my design. Anyone who want me to design their garden style 'pelamin', just contact me:) Thats all for today. Thank you.


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